Dak EXCLUSIVE: Cowboys QB Could Be '100% By April'

The latest in The Week of Dak: A source gives an optimistic take on the Dak Prescott rehab progress, exclusive to CowboysSI.com
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FRISCO - As the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott continue to inch forward in negotiations that could end in a long-term contract and "Cowboy for Life'' status for the Pro Bowl quarterback, a source close to the situation tells CowboysSI.com that Prescott's rehabilitation following ankle surgery could allow him to be "100 percent by April.''

And, via a second source: Dak "should be fully involved in all offseason work.''

Prescott, of course, sustained the serious ankle injury in Week 5 of the 2020 NFL year, ending his season and helping doom Dallas to a 6-10 record. There have been some issues raised about the success of the procedure, especially when it was revealed that a second procedure was performed on the ankle, though sources have told CowboysSI.com that the second surgery was about "strengthening and clean-up.''

A team source tells CowboysSI.com that Dallas is working to progress in negotiations while optimistic that Prescott will be fully healthy this spring, with no aftereffects of the injury and surgery.

COVID aside, while there could be workouts sooner than this, the team’s first OTA's figure to come in late May, with a mandatory minicamp in mid-June, and then a late-July start to training camp.

If the health timetable is correct, Prescott's availability should not be in much doubt.

Meanwhile, we're also told the Cowboys are 'Focused On Dak,' and Not a Russell Wilson Trade, and that both parties recognize the "cap clog'' created by coming deadlines that if not met, will not only cause Dallas to tag Prescott (with a $37.7 million price tag that will at least serve as a placeholder while talks continue, but will also prevent Dallas from doing much other roster-building business.

What could that contract look like? If the Cowboys do get a long-term deal with Prescott done, a Dak Cowboys contract could be three year, $124.5 Million, according to a long-time NFL agent.

Meanwhile, Does 'Russell Wilson Wants Dak's Cowboys Chair?’ Again, the Cowboys are focused on Prescott, even as Wilson has the Cowboys on this ‘trade list.''

Ultimately, we're about to find out the answer to a question that the Joneses themselves raise: Is Dak Really ‘Like Family’ To Cowboys' Jerry? With confidence that Dak Prescott is going to be fully healthy soon, we might soon get clarity on just how much both sides want "Cowboy for Life'' to happen with the QB.