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Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb 'Overrated'? Does Richard Sherman Owe Apology to Dallas Star?

Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb 'Overrated'? Does Richard Sherman Owe Apology to Dallas Star?

FRISCO - Everybody is entitled to their opinion, especially if "everybody'' is a retired All-Pro defensive back now a TV analyst known for smart thoughts.

But along with Richard Sherman being "entitled to his opinion,'' maybe Dallas Cowboys star CeeDee Lamb is "entitled to an apology'' from Sherman, who earlier this year ripped Lamb for being "overrated" and claimed that isn't "a No. 1 receiver.''

"Overrated'' can be a subjective thing; what does it even mean? But "No. 1 receiver''? Sherman was wrong when he said it about Lamb, destined to make his third Pro Bowl in as many seasons, and looks even more ridiculous now that Lamb is putting up monster numbers on a weekly basis. 

Lamb has had over 100 receiving yards in three consecutive games, highlighted by an 11-reception, 191-yard effort in the loss at the Philadelphia Eagles last week.


In the last three games, Lamb has 30 receptions for 466 yards and two touchdowns. ... so this year, in eight games, he has 57 catches for 824 yards and three TDs. That puts him on a pace for an astounding 121 catches for 1,751 yards.

That's not just what "a No. 1 receiver'' does for his particular team; those sort of numbers make Lamb a candidate to be "a No. 1 receiver'' in comparison to his peers.

It was another former Cowboys receiver, Dez Bryant, who on social media playfully asked Sherman if he'd like to reconsider his hot take ... and Sherman responded wisely.

"He has definitely opened my eyes over the last 3 games. Made some really good plays and been getting the yardage," Sherman wrote. "If he continues it the rest of the year my mind will be changed for sure."

The 5-3 Cowboys don't really need Sherman's support here. But they do need Lamb to be reliable, consistent and explosive - the definition of "a No. 1 receiver.'' ... and CeeDee Lamb has been all of that and more.