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Dak Prescott to Sign $31M Tender To Make Him Cowboys Highest-Paid Ever

Dak Prescott to Sign $31M Tender To Make Him The Dallas Cowboys Highest-Paid Player Ever

FRISCO - Bit-by-bit and day-by-day, we've established some new guideposts when it comes to "Dak vs. Dallas.'' We have an understanding of the offers that sit on the table from the Dallas Cowboys side and from Prescott's side, with a detailed look at the "$45 million rumor,'' the "13.1-Percent Myth'' and even COO Stephen Jones' comments to regarding the team's negotiating position with its franchise-tagged QB.

We've detailed how common it is for NFL teams to exhibit patience this offseason when it comes to tagged players - there are 14 tags in the league and until recently, most hadn't even signed their tender.

But for Prescott, that is about to change. As ESPN is first to report, Prescott plans on Monday to sign the tender that will guarantee him $31.409 million for the 2020 NFL season.

This doesn't end the process, of course; maybe it will actually begin the process of getting back to the negotiating table and doing a deal by the July 15 deadline, at which time the chance at a longer deal expires at Dak plays the season at this figure.

But it there a reason to panic? Is any delay unusual when it comes to franchise-tagged guys before this season?

Let's go three years deep:


San Francisco 49ers - Robbie Gould, K: On April 24, Gould requested a trade. Finally, on July 15, they reached an agreement on a four-year deal.

Houston Texans - Jadeveon Clowney, LB: On March 4, he was tagged. He never signed long-term deal. On August 31 he was traded to Seattle.

Kansas City Chiefs - Dee Ford, LB: Tagged on March 2 and on March 12, traded to 49ers, then signed a five-year contract.

Seattle Seahawks - Frank Clark, DE: March 4, the Seahawks placed the tag on Clark. On April 23, Clark was traded to Chiefs and signed a five-year contract.

Dallas Cowboys - DeMarcus Lawrence, DE: March 4, the Cowboys placed the tag on Lawrence. On April 5, the Cowboys signed Lawrence to a five-year, $105 million contract with $65 million guaranteed.

Atlanta Falcons - Grady Jarrett, DT: March 4, the Falcons placed the franchise tag on Jarrett. Jarrett signed the tag on April 22, 2019. On July 15, Jarrett signed a four-year contract extension worth $68 million with $42.5 million guaranteed.


Cowboys – Lawrence: He was tagged on March 5, signed it later that day but never signed long-term deal, and played on tag.

Detroit Lions – Ziggy Ansah, DE: Tagged and never signed long-term deal. Left for Seattle the next season.

Los Angeles Rams – Lamarcus Joyner, CB: March 6, got tagged. On April 16, Joyner signed his tender. Following year, left for Raiders.

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Miami Dolphins – Jarvis Landry, WR: They tagged him on February 20, he signed it on March 3, and they traded him on March 9. On April 12, Landry signed a five-year deal.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Le'Veon Bell: On March 6, the Steelers placed the tag on Bell for the second straight year. Bell refused to sign it and did not attend any team activities after contract negotiations stalled on July 16, and then did not report to the Steelers prior to the NFL's November 13 deadline to sign his franchise tender, therefore making him ineligible to play the rest of the year.


Arizona Cardinals – Chandler Jones, LB: On February 27, the Cardinals tagged Jones. On March 10, he signed a five-year million contract extension.

Carolina Panthers – Kawann Short, DT: February 27, the Panthers placed the tag on Short. On April 17, Short signed a five-year contract with the Panthers.

Los Angeles Rams – Trumaine Johnson, CB: On March 1, the Rams placed the tag on Johnson for the second consecutive year. On March 6, Johnson officially signed the tender. He never signed a long-term deal. A year later, he left for the Jets.

Steelers – Bell, RB: On February 27, the Steelers placed the tag on Bell. He played on it, never signed a long-term deal ... and then of course, famously, a year later, all tag Hell broke loose.

Washington Redskins – Kirk Cousins, QB: Never signed long-term deal, played on tag for a second time. Next year, $66 mil richer over the two years, he left for the Vikings.

So, to summarize:

In 2020, none of the 14, including Prescott, have signed long-term deals. 

In 2019 - Only two of the six got long-term deals done quickly with their own teams - and three of the six ended up getting traded!

In 2018 - Five guys. Long-term deals done quickly with their original teams? Zero.

In 2017 - Five cases. Two done quickly, the other three no new deals at all ... And one semi-disaster with Cousins and one unmitigated disaster with Bell.

We can argue in Dallas that "quarterback is different,'' and maybe it is; Prescott's personality, character, leadership and importance to the franchise due to his position would all have been missed if this had dragged on.

But all these players were "important'' ... And in the last four offseasons, including this one, in the 30 cases of tagged guys, only four - four of 30! - quickly consummated long-term deals with their original clubs.

Inside The Star, where management is now starting to reconvene, "Jerry Time'' is a thing. So are the limitations caused by the pandemic. So is "Deadlines Make Deals.'' But league-wide and historically, when it comes to tagged players not named "Dak Prescott''?

"Patience'' is a thing, too. And now, a signing (of a sort) is coming, one that will make Dak the highest-paid single-season Cowboy ever - a stepping stone toward making him the highest-paid long-term Cowboy ever, too.