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Cowboys Eye Chris Jones Signing; Micah Parsons New $100M Contract Set?

Dallas Cowboys Eye Chris Jones Signing; Micah Parsons New $100 Million Contract Set by Kansas City Chiefs Move?
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FRISCO - Major NFL contract moves do not happen in a vacuum. But they do operate in an echo chamber - and the echoes that will bounce all the way to The Star in Frisco now that Chris Jones has gotten his record-setting contract from the Kansas City Chiefs are loud ones.

And yes, Micah Parsons can hear them.

Jones, who has made Pro Bowl in each of the last five seasons, has made First-Team All-Pro in the last two, and has helped Kansas City win two straight Super Bowls, has agreed to a five-year extension that includes $95 million guaranteed with the Chiefs.


The numbers can be funny and fuzzy; But this puts Jones in the range of Nick Bosa of the 49ers ($34 million APY), Aaron Donald of the Rams ($31.7 million), T.J. Watt of the Steelers ($28 million), Joey Bosa of the Chargers ($27 million) and Myles Garrett of the Browns ($25 million) ...

And yes, eventually, the smart money - "money'' being the operative word - is that Micah Parsons will be asking the Dallas Cowboys for a deal that surpasses them all.

To the credit of the Chiefs and Jones' side, they got this done about 36 hours before NFL free-agent "legal tampering'' begins on Monday.

Will the Cowboys follow suit? Parsons is presently eligible for his extension. Dallas will be picking up his fifth-year option of $21 million for 2025 ... but there is no expectation that will be his actual salary; it is but a placeholder.

How soon will Dallas get down to the business of doing a deal with Micah Parsons? Sooner seems like a better idea that later, but either way, it will put one of the NFL's brightest stars - who is making big promises for the Cowboys in 2024 - in the guaranteed-money range of $100 million.