Cowboys Concern: Will Eagles Try To Trade For Texans QB Watson?

According to an NFL source, despite their various issues, we're told the Texans and Eagles could still get together on a Deshaun Watson trade.
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FRISCO - The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to find a QB direction while playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors.'' So are the Houston Texans - though their issue is no game.

But according to an NFL source, despite their various issues, is told the two teams could still get together on a Deshaun Watson trade.

Watson is of course buried in legal troubles that are completely separate from his trade request - a request that we know GM Nick Caserio grew increasingly amenable to until the flood of sexual assault charges against the star QB.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are trying to straighten themselves out as well, having traded away Carson Wentz with a tentative plan to hand their QB job to young Jalen Hurts - except that our source insists that Philadelphia's desire to secure Watson remains in place.

And the new head coach in Philly admits that he's testing out QB's in this draft class by having them play preschool games.

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The timetable of such a trade? That has likely changed, as while once upon a time this was to be a pre-NFL Draft bidding war, the uncertainly of Watson's future has caused the bidding to dry up.

The cost? The same "dry-up'' phenomenon is occurring there, too.

Before the accusations - and the changes in the endorsement arrangements with an assortment of Watson sponsors, including Nike, that have impacted the court of public opinion - the concept of asking for three first-round picks and more was viable.

And at least some of those picks would've gone to picks-starved Houston in this draft.

Now? The 2021 NFL Draft leverage is gone for the Texans.

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But it so happens that the Eagles, in addition to owning the No. 12 overall pick this year (again, the timing is unlikely to work there), figure to end up with three first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. (The third one would be the result of Wentz being the full-time starter for the Colts).

That trade could be executed any time after this draft, with Houston moving on to Tyrod Taylor as the starter, enduring one more empty-cupboard season but then "owning'' the 2022 NFL Draft. It could also be executed in a way that for Philadelphia comes a) cheaper than it otherwise would have, b) with Hurts still the starter should Watson be suspended for part of the 2021 season and c) maybe with contingencies attached to the picks, just as the Wentz trade has attached.

It has been speculated that a Watson trade may be months away. It's even been speculated that a swap is "impossible.'' We're not sure that is so. Some level of clarity could come before that. Some level of risk-taking by a bidder could as well.

But this we know: The Philadelphia Eagles' interest in trading for Deshaun Watson remains in play.

And what does all of this have to do with Dallas? It's fun to poke at the rival Eagles' silly desperation at football's most important position. But if an eligible Deshaun Watson really ends up in a Philly uniform? The Cowboys' "fun'' will be seriously threatened by a serious talent.

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