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Dear Dak: 'Don't Be the Reason Cowboys Lose in NFL Playoffs'

The Dallas Cowboys have been sent home in back-to-back playoff losses, and NFL analyst Emmanuel Acho wants to see Dak Prescott "not be the reason'' the Cowboys fall short again.

The Dallas Cowboys are in the Super Bowl conversation, but for many, the pinpointed reason why Dallas can't win its first Lombardi Trophy in over three decades is down to Dak Prescott being the quarterback.

For Prescott, in back-to-back seasons, unfortunately, he has been one of the reasons Dallas has been sent packing twice by the San Francisco 49ers. This season, former NFL'er-turned-analyst Emmanuel Acho wants to see just one thing from Prescott.

“For me, I don’t need to see a No. 1 offense, an MVP vote, I don’t need to see Dak Prescott win a playoff game, own the one seed," Acho said on FS1. "What I want to see from Dak this season, and this is it, don’t be the reason your team loses the playoff game. I don’t even care if you do lose the playoff game, just don’t be the reason your team loses.

“I don’t care if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl. That’s hard to do. ... 31 teams will leave disappointed. All I wanna see from Dak, don’t be the reason your team loses.”

Acho's line of thinking is likely similar to some in Cowboy Nation. The case can be made that had Prescott been just an average quarterback against the 49ers last season, they win that game. But 23 of 37 for 206 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions isn't going to get it done.

The same could be said for the 2021 Wild Card loss to the 49ers as well, when the Cowboys failed to get the ball snapped before time expired.

Coming into the Divisional Round last season, the consensus was that one thing Dak couldn't do was throw multiple interceptions; otherwise, Dallas would be sent home ... which is exactly what happened.

Now, with coach Mike McCarthy taking over the play-calling with an aim of being more efficient (and more physical) on offense  Prescott may be asked to do less than in previous seasons.

That feels like the right move with the weapons at Dak's disposal and McCarthy's West Coast Offense aimed at getting the ball out quicker to the team's playmakers and letting them do their thing. And then? Don't be the reason your team loses is the motto, and for Dak, that's something he hasn't adhered to for two straight years. Third time's a charm this season?

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