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Cowboys & Kyle Pitts Trade? Jerry Jones Reveals NFL Draft Decision

Jerry, speaking on Kyle Pitts, says reports on an ‘‘infatuation’ is a ‘distortion. ... We’re not gonna spend an inordinate value to go up there and get him’

FRISCO - The national media is in love with the errant idea that Jerry Jones is such a “showman” that he’s in love with grabbing  not players, but headlines, in this NFL Draft.

If you believe Jones’ own convoluted-but-firm answer to a Kyle Putts-specific Tuesday pre-Draft question here inside The Star, the national media has it all wrong.

“We’re not gonna spend an inordinate value to go up there and get him (in trade),” Jones said on the rumors of a connection with the standout Florida tight end, expected to be taken ahead of Dallas' No. 10 slot in Thursday's first round.

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The owner of "America's Team'' stands accused of "spotlight-hogging,'' and while the charge is understandable, it doesn't seem to apply here. It almost surely was Jones himself who first tossed out the idea of adding Pitts to the Cowboys offense (via what became an off-handed remark by ESPN's Chris Mortensen).

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But Jones said it is “not legitimate” to say he is "infatuated'' with Kyle Pitts - relative to his interest in other players who might be waiting for Dallas at No. 10; we would bring up cornerbacks Patrick Surtain of Alabama and Jaycee Horn of South Carolina.

And he said that description is a “distortion” of his thinking.

This doesn't completely eliminate the idea that Dallas is bluffing, though that's not the impression we get. Additionally, this doesn't eliminate the possibility of being tempted on Pitts should he shockingly drop to 10. 

But Jones' message here is clear.

“It’s a distortion for this draft and where we are there,” Jones said. “It implies something that’s just not the case. We’re not going to go in there and spend inordinate value to maneuver up there so we can get Pitts.”

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