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Should Jerry Jones’ Cowboys Sign QB Colin Kaepernick? ‘I’ll Help You Win’

“To the teams that have questions, more than anything I’d say I’d love to come in for a workout,” Kaepernick said.
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FRISCO - “I can help make you a better team,” Colin Kaepernick said this weekend. “I can help you win games.”

Assuming the Dallas Cowboys are in the business of “winning games” - and I say that with my line, “The Cowboys are a marketing company that plays football” at the ready - isn’t that all they should need to hear?

Kaepernick remains a controversial figure in the eyes of many, and a heroic figure in the eyes of many as well. But we are now years into the former Super Bowl QB having essentially been blackballed out of the NFL due to his sociopolitical views.

While those views might (should?) still resonate in the social and political arenas, why do they still need to be factored in to his 2022 employment?


Kaepernick, who made a workout appearance on Saturday, visited with Detroit’s WXYZ and was asked what message he’d offer to NFL teams who might consider employing him.

“I can help make you a better team,” Kaepernick said. “I can help you win games. I know right now the situation likely won’t allow me to step into a starting role. I know I’ll be able to work my way to that, though.”

The 34-year-old quarterback, who last played in the NFL in 2017, seemed to perform just fine while working at the University of Michigan spring game at the invitation of coach Jim Harbaugh. 

Fine enough to be an NFL starter on the level of Dak Prescott? Maybe not. Fine enough to compete with Dallas backup Cooper Rush? Maybe. Fine enough to be better than recent Dallas rostered QBs Will Grier and Ben DiNucci?

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Now that he’s a network TV guy? The former Dallas Cowboys head coach is going to have to fill air time with concise and valuable takes.

That hardly seems outrageous.

Maybe Kaepernick might be just good enough to create a “quarterback controversy” in Dallas should Dak falter; that can actually be justification for not signing him. But that might be the only “controversy” truly lingering here.

For a Cowboys team led by an owner in Jerry Jones who just got done espousing the benefits of “Wildcattin’ Jerry” taking “bold risks” … a Kaepernick would fit - while seemingly hurting nothing.

“To the teams that have questions, more than anything I’d say I’d love to come in for a workout,” Kaepernick said. “I’d love to sit down with you and have that conversation about how I can help you be a better team.”

There’s an offer … to any “bold” team truly prioritizing winning.

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