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‘SURPRISE!’ Cowboys Trolled by Broncos After Randy Gregory Signing

The Cowboys’ online celebration ended … and the Broncos’ celebratory trolling began.
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FRISCO - Maybe the Dallas Cowboys blew it.

Maybe Randy Gregory blew up.

But the Denver Broncos definitely blew in, stealing free-agent edge rusher Randy Gregory on Tuesday even as the Cowboys were proudly announcing that he’d been retained on a five-year, $70 million deal. 

Except, despite the Cowboys’ celebrated the agreement of terms on Twitter. … he hadn’t been retained.

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Gregory backtracked — taking essentially the same deal from the Broncos instead … apparently with one change, which we will detail below. 

But first: The Cowboys’ online celebration ended … and the Broncos’ celebratory trolling began.

“Surprise!” hooted the Broncos.

Denver was in need of edge rusher help and had been tied to Von Miller and Chandler Jones. Landing Gregory is a win for the Broncos. … and all because Gregory balked at a “behavioral clause” in Dallas’ contract proposal. immediately provided the inside scoop. As we wrote it:

As we understand it, the two sides had their agreement. But at some point, the Cowboys either interjected - or Gregory's side noticed - some sort of "behavioral clause'' tucked into the deal.

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And Gregory's side balked.

Dallas is within its rights to ask for such a thing, given Gregory's spotty history. But Gregory - with other bidders on the phone - is within his rights to change his mind.

So he did.

Dallas hedging against any potential off-field struggles on Gregory's part is understandable. given his spotty history. And whether the “behavioral clause” is standard or not, Gregory decided to be offended by it, taking his ball and going to Denver. …

Maybe leaving the Cowboys in chase of Miller and Jones and others …

And definitely leaving the Broncos with bragging rights.

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