Remembering beautiful moment between Cowboys' Deuce, Chris Vaughn on Father's Day (VIDEO)

Dallas Cowboys scout Chris Vaughn lived out every father's dream when he gave his son the greatest news possible one year ago
Dallas Cowboys, Deuce Vaughn
Dallas Cowboys, Deuce Vaughn / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's not often that sixth-round picks make noise when selected during the NFL Draft. Most are seen as updates on the news ticker, as we get highlights of Mel Kiper's wildest takes throughout the years. However, that wasn't the case in 2023 when the Dallas Cowboys added Kansas State running back Deuce Vaughn.

A production machine for the Wildcats, Vaughn's selection was seen as a great value pick, but the real story was the emotion that followed the decision.

Vaughn's father, Chris Vaughn, is a scout for the Cowboys and was in the war room when they decided to add his son to the roster.

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On Father's Day, it feels like a good time to revisit the emotion he showed as he was able to join his family and career.

The way everyone in the room shared in the special moment made it even more enjoyable to watch. Jerry and Stephen Jones take a lot of criticism (most of which is fair), but it's clear they care about their staff and were overjoyed to be a part of the happiness.

Vaughn was even the one to call Deuce and ask if he was ready to get to work with the Dallas Cowboys. It was a special moment that turned everyone into Deuce Vaughn fans.

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