Dez Bryant Responds to COVID-19 Concerns: 'I'll Take It Home,' Cowboys Ex Says Of Workouts

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - After we wrote that Mike Florio of said that Dez Bryant and his Dallas Cowboys should be cited by the league - and maybe law-enforcement officials - for their continued "flaunting'' of CDC recommendations and local laws banning gathering due the COVID-19 crisis, Bryant himself responded quickly in a tweet to

"Either way,'' Bryant tweeted to us, "I have a whole workout facility at HOME and a field on the side of my house... I’m going to get it in regardless.''

And that is a sound solution to concerns expressed in this space, and by Florio.

"If you've got players who are violating the local laws that say 'Thou shall stay home during this pandemic,' and they are both creating a real risk of spreading the virus, and sending a horrible message to others who may be influenced to do the same thing. I would like to see the NFL do something," Florio said on 105.3 The Fan's "Shan and RJ" on Wednesday.

The message-senders: Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

There are some precise details in Florio's presentation here that one could quibble with. One, it's not clear what the punishment would be, certainly not from an NFL perspective. Two, Bryant is not an NFL employee; he's not presently subject to the league's guidelines. (For that matter, Dak Prescott is a free agent, so what jurisdiction does he come under with the league?)

And three, oddly, while Florio mentions that ex-Cowboy Dez Bryant and present Cowboys QB Dak Prescott have been front-and-center in their Twitter-released videos, he fails to mention that, as we reported earlier this week, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is also part of the workout group at what we opted to label "an undisclosed Dallas location.''

But Florio's general point is the right one ... and the same one we made last week, when Bryant and company first publicized his workout with Prescott. Beyond being unsafe for them to do it, and beyond being unsafe for anybody else they come in contact with after the workout, their high-profile exhibitions send an awful behavior message to people, young and old, who might take their cues from football stars.

Florio at Pro Football Talk wrote a scathing piece on how Prescott and Bryant "continue to flaunt their defiance of rules that have caused millions to change their habits dramatically."

What is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to do?

Said Florio: "Even if you're not going to suspend anyone or fine anyone under the personal conduct policy. I want the commissioner to post a video, to issue a statement, telling all players who are in the NFL or hope to be back like Dez Bryant, that they must comply with all applicable state and local requirements as what they should and shouldn't be doing during this pandemic."

And now Dez Bryant offers us his logical answer: Take it home.

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Living in fear is worse than death no church, no money, no sports, no eating in restaurants this is ridicules. When it is your time to go you go when it is not you don't
people need more faith.Living in fear is worsethan death. The cure can't be worse
than the problem.


Mike Florio and whoever wrote this article got picked last on the playground, were notorious tattle tellers, and played video games as kids. What a waste of the last 5 minutes of my life. Florio is calling out a couple of people getting together to throw the football. What is this, the German occupation where we have to tell the authorities on our neighbors. What a complete POS both Florio and SI are on this.

What pathetic waste.


Florio can kiss my ***!


Smh ridiculous florio... like 4 real dude u don't have something better to do then this bs! Always people in someone elses freakn buisness!!! If u don't like wut they do then don't watch em