What Cowboys QB Dak Is Texting About A Dez Bryant Comeback

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - It's true. Dez Bryant was engaged in another Dallas-area workout on Monday, this one again including a former Dallas Cowboys teammate or two.

Ezekiel Elliott joined the party on Monday. So did Dak Prescott, who has done so before. And our 105.3 The Fan colleague Bryan Broaddus offers insight into the Cowboys QB's review of his pass-catching pal.

Yes, over the course of the afternoon, Zeke got fed ...

And Dak did the feeding ...

And then afterward, Dak did some more feeding - per Broaddus, feeding of information back into The Star.

Does this change the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have not met as a staff on the subject of a Dez Bryant return to the team, according to two sources, one labeling the concept "a back-burner issue''? It does not.

Does it accelerate the possibility of Bryant once again becoming a Cowboy, a dream that seemed dead when he was released by the team two years ago and then tore his Achilles that winter after signing with the Saints? No, not yet, it hasn't.

Is it verification of where Dez is physically (though not mentally, which Bryant will be the first to acknowledge is part of this evaluation, too)? That it is. But ...

Note Dak's very careful wording, and note Broaddus' as well. The QB doesn't go so far as to recommend to his employer, the Dallas Cowboys, that Bryant "looks good and should be back with this team.''

His evaluation is that Bryant "looks good and should be back with a team.''

The difference between those two sentences marks the difference between "front-burner issue'' and "back-burner issue.''