Jerry Compares Broncos COVID QB With Cowboys Playing DiNucci

Owner Jerry Jones Compares The Denver Broncos' Emergency COVID QB With The Dallas Cowboys Playing Rookie QB Ben DiNucci
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FRISCO - Jerry Jones' remarks regarding the Denver Broncos' COVID-forced decision to start a practice-squad wide receiver named Kendall Hinton at quarterback in a real NFL game are cast such a wide net that it's hard to determine just who should be most offended.

“I don’t know that Denver had any more of a challenge than we’ve had with (Ben) DiNucci, or with the young QBs we’ve had,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan with "Shan & RJ.''


As most NFL fans know, the Broncos put themselves in a difficult situation when due to COVID every QB on the roster was ruled out for last Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, who won easily, 31-3, in part because Hinton was forced to play quarterback.

Hinton is a practice-squad receiver who played a little QB in college ... but was forced into action here basically on the eve of the game when the NFL declined to postpone the game (even as the NFL seems to have no problem postponing games involving the COVID-plagued Baltimore Ravens).

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Meanwhile, Dallas put the rookie Ben DiNucci into action earlier this season after both Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton were injured and unavailable. For the record, DiNucci went for 21-of-40 for 180 yards in his spot start in Week 8 against the Eagles, who won 23-9.

But, Jerry ...

Hinton is a practice-squad receiver. DiNucci is a quarterback who the Cowboys drafted, who has played the position all of his life, who has been in the Dallas system all year, and who prepped all that week to start. DiNucci is also a player who head coach Mike McCarthy has compared to former NFL standout Marc Bulger, and who the Jones family itself has compared to their beloved Tony Romo.

And "the other young QB's we've had''? Dallas has also played Garrett Gilbert, who is 29, has six years of experience as a deep NFL backup, and had a full week to prepare for his fairly impressive outing in a close loss to Pittsburgh.

Jerry's bigger point may be that the Broncos brought this problem on themselves, and then were forced to deal with the consequences.

"You take risk when you put all of that in the same room,'' he said of the way the Denver QBs apparently got sick. "If you were worried about those things, you'd spread them out a little bit. You can save one ... But, boy, we have been schooled in the NFL, the teams have been schooled. You had really better pay attention to your protocols. You better manage. Don't just give it lip service.''

That's a valid point. But beyond that, in what world is playing DiNucci or Gilbert akin to Hinton of the Broncos having 12 hours to prepare before he completed 1-of-9 passes for 13 yards and two interceptions?

Only in Jerry's World.