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Julio Jones In Dallas? Rumors Trigger Cowboys NFL Trade Odds

We’d probably put the odds of the Cowboys trading for Julio Jones slightly ahead of the odds of them trading for Ozzie Smith.

FRISCO - Julio Jones in Dallas? So it seems.

Julio Jones associated with the Dallas Cowboys? Not what it seems.

News broke this week in Atlanta that the Falcons would like to part ways with their iconic wide receiver, setting in motion an avalanche of speculation and gossip. 

One piece of news that does seem to be factual: Jones has been in DFW training with fellow NFL star Derrick Henry, the Tennessee Titans rushing champ. And at some point, it seems Jones picked himself up a Cowboys hoodie.

A fan photograph is setting Cowboys Nation ablaze with speculation, and suddenly you can bet - with +1600 odds - on Dallas’ chances of acquiring the seven-time Pro Bowler (per

Baltimore, San Francisco, New England, the Chargers, Henry’s Titans, Indianapolis and a Green Bay team looking to pacify forever-unhappy QB Aaron Rodgers all make more sense.

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But is Jones working out in Green Bay? Is he wearing a Colts hoodie? Does he have another team’s equivalent to legendary Cowboys booster Michael Irvin tweeting about it?

The team that does trade for Jones’ $15.3 million base salary and his $66 million contract will probably not be the Dak Prescott-led one that already boasts Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup at wide receiver. (By the way: Another rumor has Jones working out with Amari, as the two of them are all-time Alabama greats.)

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We are not sure what the market is for a pricy wide receiver in his 30s who is coming off a season in which he was healthy enough to play only nine games. But if we were in charge of betting real money based on this photo of two interesting sports shirts?

We’d probably put the odds of the Cowboys trading for Julio Jones slightly ahead of the odds of them trading for Ozzie Smith.

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