Giants Rise, Cowboys No. 4 In NFL Draft Order

NFC East: The New York Giants Rise, And The Dallas Cowboys Stick - At No. 4 In NFL Draft Order
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys were inactive this weekend, and around them, one important order changed while another remained the same.

Entering Thanksgiving Week, Dallas was in the No. 4 slot in the 2021 NFL Draft order - while also hovering just a win away from first place in the NFC East. Washington slammed that door shut with its 41-16 drubbing of Dallas ...

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But of course, this is the NFC Least. Shut doors, even for 3-8 Dallas, can be temporary.

A little closer to being locked in: That draft order. 

The New York Jets are 0-11 and in the No. 1 slot. The Jacksonville Jaguars (1-10) are No. 2. And the Cincinnati Bengals, who lost to the Giants, are in the 3 hole.

Dallas remains in the fourth spot.

That Giants 19-17 win moves them to 4-7 and in first place in the division. New York, by virtue of its season sweep of Washington, owns that tiebreaker, just as Washington's sweep of Dallas creates a Cowboys problem in terms of contention.

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(The Cowboys, by the way, are tied record-wise, with the Los Angeles Chargers. But the strength-of-schedule tiebreaker - Dallas' is .488, LA's .491 - nudges the Cowboys up to No. 4. See more here, according to Tankathon.)

There is one more NFC Least shuffle that could be upon us, as the Philadelphia Eagles are likely to lose to Seattle on Monday night. If so, Philly drops to 3-7-1. Of course, the Eagles could win, jumping to 4-6-1 - and yes, that would allow them the division lead and the inside track at a playoff home-opener.