'Russell Wilson Wants Dak's Cowboys Chair'

"Quarterbacks suddenly have the power to leave a team,'' says Irvin, the Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Famer and NFL Network analyst. "But that also means they have the power to come to a team.''
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FRISCO - We live in an NFL time of QB Musical Chairs, and maybe it takes some forward thinking along the lines of what my old friend Michael Irvin told me this week.

"Quarterbacks suddenly have the power to leave a team,'' said Irvin, the Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Famer and NFL Network analyst. "But that also means they have the power to come to a team.''

In other words, yeah, it's too bad if a Deshaun Watson or a Russell Wilson wants out ... but one team's "out'' is another team's "in.''

So, added Irvin, speculatively (I think): 'Russell Wilson wants Dak's chair.''

And using this line of thinking, maybe the Seattle Seahawks should go ahead and listen when Wilson lists his trade-destination wishes, which happen to include the Dallas Cowboys.

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It's worth noting that Wilson, 32, put the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints on his wish list as well. But if Seattle were to approach the Bears and the Saints, they wouldn't get a QB in return. They could do so with Derek Carr in Vegas.

They could do so with Dak Prescott in Dallas.

The Seattle obstacle is a fiscal one. Do the math: The Seahawks would not only have to pay Dak his new deal (let's call it $41.5 million APY. They'd also have to continue "paying'' on Wilson's contract, as Seattle would "owe the cap'' another $39 million (spread over one or two years).

So Seattle would be "paying'' the QB position $54.5 million in 2021 (Dak's salary plus Wilson's cap) and $67.5 million in 2022 (Dak's salary plus Wilson's cap) ... totaling $122 million over the next two seasons.

It is fiscally responsible to commit $61 million a year to the QB position? Traditionally, it is not. But these are strange times.

Sources tell me that the Cowboys are "aware'' of the Wilson situation but that the Cowboys front office is "focused on Dak.'' 

But I do not know what the Seahawks front office is focused on. Prescott is five years younger than Wilson, on a tier below as a player but maybe growing, and assuming he'd help all parties jump through the complicated hoops (see here)?

Well, it's a modern-times way to look at a modern-times problem.

Maybe Dak should and will "settle'' and be happy in Dallas. Maybe Seattle will fix its Wilson problem. But someday soon, the NFL salary cap is going up, way up. And $61 million of resources spent on the QB position - which I, thinking traditionally, view as presently untenable - won't seem exorbitant.

Because one goes around and another comes around, Michael Irvin sees benefit to the QB game of Musical Chairs. Maybe the Seahawks are forward-thinking enough to see it, too.

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