Dak's Cowboys Contract: Agent Predicts 3 Years, $124.5 Million

We continue to be told that Dak's ankle rehab is going fine. Not a factor. Which, to the agent-turned-journalist, sets up a huge contractual win for the Cowboys QB
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys are about to feel the "sticker shock'' of what Dak Prescott will ask for in negotiations and may have to give in on a three-year contract totaling $124.6 million, predicts long-time NFL agent Joel Corry.

"I don't think a deal will be done because I think Dallas will have sticker shock,'' Corry tells 1053thefan, But if it can get done? Corry forecasts that it will look something like this:

Signing Bonus: $60 Million
Guaranteed Money: $124.5 Million
Fully Guaranteed At Signing: $100 Million
Overall Dollars: $124.5 Million
Contract Length: 3 Years
Average Per Year: $41.5 Million

Key points here:

*We continue to be told that Dak's ankle rehab is going fine. Not a factor.

*Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, from 2018, got $94.5 million fully guaranteed. This Prescott's deal would exceed that.

*Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson's $65 million represents the biggest signing bonus in league history. This Prescott deal would exceed that.

*We've discussed the idea of adding voidable years for the purpose of lessening the cap impact. This proposal does that, putting Dak's 2021 cap number at just $17 million - which would help greatly in Dallas' "cap clog'' ... its ability to get busy doing other business.

*We've also noted the timetable here. That business is stuck (unless the Cowboys make other cap-space moves, some of which are already planned) with the March 9 deadline to tag Prescott looming.

As Corry writes, "under these circumstances ... the Cowboys (are) conceding every major aspect of the deal. These major aspects would be length of contract, average per year, contract guarantees, signing bonus and contract structure.''

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The Cowboys last year proposed a five-year deal with an APY of $35 million. This is just a three-year deal with an APY of $41.5 million - second in NFL history only to the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes.

This prediction from Corry (which does not usurp his "sticker-shock'' prediction, which could mean the $37.7 million tag and Prescott playing just one more year in Dallas) would allow the Cowboys to "win'' under the cap and "win'' the continued employment of their most important player

But just three years, allowing Dak another bite of the contractual apple after 2023? Record-setting dollars in signing bonus and guarantees? And a behind-only-Mahomes APY?

All of that would register as a win for agent Todd France - and the biggest win of Dak Prescott's career.

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