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Shaq Leonard Arrives for Dallas Cowboys Visit, But Free Agent Schedules Philadelphia Eagles, Too

Shaq Leonard Arrives for Dallas Cowboys Visit, But Free Agent Schedules Philadelphia Eagles, Too
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FRISCO - When it comes to NFL free agency, the old saying - for the Dallas Cowboys, for certain, but elsewhere, too - is "Don't let him out of the building!''

At The Star, that is meant to illustrate that team owner Jerry Jones, one of the greatest salesmen in human history, can get a guy in a room and charm him into signing with Dallas.

That might very well happen on Tuesday as the Cowboys have launched a serious pursuit of the signing of free agent linebacker Shaquille Leonard with a public pronouncement from head coach Mike McCarthy that "America's Team'' is "definitely interested'' in acquiring the free agent standout.

Jones said on Tuesday that he’ll have lunch with Leonard.

“He’s been (an) outstanding (player),” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “We want to check his health. That’s what he’s doing right now.”

In other words, Leonard is here at The Star as you read this.

This served as a confirmation of what reported last Tuesday, when upon Leonard's "shocking'' release from the Indianapolis Colts, we reported that Dallas expected Leonard (due to his bloated contract) to pass through waivers (which he did) and that once that happened, Dallas would explore the idea of making a bid.

That process is happening now … complete with Leonard having scheduled a Tuesday trip to Frisco.

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And maybe it starts and ends there, with Dallas doing a deal with Leonard, 28, who was a three-time All-Pro at the start of his career but who is now viewed as a run-stopping helper and a locker room leader. Or ...

Maybe Leonard follows through with his now reported plan to also schedule another recruiting trip ... this one to Philadelphia, where the 10-1 Eagles have a better record than the 8-3 Cowboys (and therefore, logically, a better chance of Leonard landing a Super Bowl ring) and where the Eagles also have a need at linebacker.

But, said Jones, “We have a pretty attractive situation for any player.”

It has been speculated that the Eagles and other playoff-contending teams could join Dallas and be in on chasing Leonard. But it's not speculation anymore. Now ... it's a tug-of-war.