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VIDEO: 'Don't bet money' on Cowboys in-season firing of coach Garrett, says Jerry Jones

VIDEO: 'Don't bet money' on Cowboys in-season firing of coach Garrett, says Jerry Jones

FRISCO - "Don’t bet any money on that happening," says Jerry Jones of the notion that Jason Garrett, coach of the 3-2 Dallas Cowboys, is going to get fired in-season. "You’ll lose it.”

Jones, in his comments to 105.3 The Fan's "Shan & RJ,'' tells no lies. Oddsmakers aside, there is simply nothing about Garrett's situation, his relationship with his players or his relationship with the Jones family to suggest he's inches away from the unemployment line. (See more here, including an "absolutely not!'' pronouncement.) 

Jones specifically defended Garrett against the accusation that his Cowboys were "unprepared'' for Green Bay, Sunday's game that resulted in a 24-24 loss, the second consecutive failure for the Cowboys following Week 4's 12-10 loss at New Orleans.

"That makes no sense" Jones said. "You know everybody out there is on the incentive plan ... especially with the Cowboys."

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Jones expressed concern about the recent past, saying, "We're all disappointed about Sunday; we thought we would play better than that.''

And he expressed concern about the immediate future, too, saying, "It's daunting to think about the teams we have ahead of us ... but i'm glad to be facing it with this bunch."

Immediately, the 3-2 Cowboys play Sunday at the 0-4 New York Jets. That's not the "daunting'' part of the schedule, but yet, Dallas will need to pull it together to achieve the "premium success'' that I've written about as necessary for the 10th-year head coach Garrett to retain his job beyond a 2019 season in which he is working without a contract extension. (I've got more on this subject in my Video Visit here.)

More immediately, frankly, I'm having fun with the idea that the recent losses have something to do with opponents having scouring Kellen Moore's high-school yearbook for clues. And Jerry is having fun with what he calls the "thin-skinned" refs who in the Packers loss threw a flag against Garrett for ... well, too vigorously (and vocally) throwing a flag.

"Well,'' Jerry said after the game in support of his coach, "I hope the little darling (ref) didn't hear anything he hadn't heard before.''