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Dak Prescott 'Is Garbage!' Is Attorney In Cowboys Rape Lawsuit An Internet Troll?

Dak Prescott 'Is Garbage!' Is Attorney In Dallas Cowboys Rape Lawsuit An Internet Troll?
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FRISCO - A troubling mess involving Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott, who has filed a civil lawsuit against a woman who has accused him of sexual assault while demanding $100 million in exchange for not reporting the alleged incident to police in what Prescott's lawyers are calling an "extortion plot'' ...

Just got a little messier. And a little more troubling.

Prescott filed his suit against a DFW-area woman named Victoria Shores and her lawyers on Monday, with one of those attorneys, Bethel Zehaie, using the word "rape'' in describing Prescott's alleged February 2017 actions.

Bethel Zehaie and her law partner Yoel Zehaie are working together on this case, battling against Prescott attorney Levi McCathern, who is saying, "Mr. Prescott ... has great empathy for survivors of sexual assault. He fervently believes that all perpetrators of such crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. To be clear, Mr. Prescott has never engaged in any nonconsensual sexual conduct with anyone."

How personal is this? In a weird twist, there is an alleged Facebook post that was seemingly written by Yoel Zehaie on the subject of Prescott's on-field play that says the quarterback is not "held accountable'' by fans for Cowboys losses and further reads, "Dak ... is garbage point blank period.''


Zehaie has yet to comment on the validity of the supposed post; Zehaie at this time appears to not have a Facebook account and the post cannot be located. has reached out to the Zehaie law firm and we have received no response. What Shores attorney Bethel Zehaie has said is, "We stand by the truth. Dak and his lawyers are trying to be bullies and play hardball and victim blame. We are not afraid of the truth ... Dak needs to be held accountable for his behavior. We are not afraid of him or his legal team."

Prescott's side has denied the allegations that he sexually assaulted the woman in question, calling it "a completely fabricated story." McCathern said, "She was a waitress at a bar he frequented. She came out one night with a group of friends and met Mr. Prescott and then spent an evening where they went numerous locations. He was a single guy at the time, and I would call it a make-out session.''

A source indicates to, by the way, that the Prescott/Shores "friendship'' did indeed continue after the moment of the alleged incident, which is being investigated by Dallas police and is said to have occurred during a February 2017 group night out in the parking lot at XTC Caberet strip club in Dallas.

This is he-said/she-said in many ways when it comes to Shores vs. Prescott. But as it relates to the Zehaies? A number of legal experts we've visited with have addressed their initial letter to Prescott featuring the $100 million ask, one lawyer telling us, "You cannot under Texas disciplinary rules threaten criminal prosecution for civil gain; it's a textbook example of a blatant violation of ethics.''

And now, with questions about Yoel Zehaie - and the "when'' and "if'' of a social-media post that is unprofessional and trollish? Those pushing the case against Dak Prescott may have just exposed themselves as something short of "serious-minded,'' to say the least.