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WFT Crushes Cowboys: 10 'Whitty' Observations

Our 10 'Whitty' Observations On WFT Crushing The Dallas Cowboys 25-3

Our 10 'Whitty' Observations on Washington's NFL Week 7 crushing of the Dallas Cowboys, 25-3 ...

10. Though it’s not fair to single out one individual player for the Cowboys’ multitude of messes, allow me to shine a sad spotlight on Jaylon Smith. 

Once a great story for an improbable comeback, the linebacker is now polluting his triumphant tale. He’s deteriorated into all style, no substance. This is the guy, remember, that owner Jerry Jones rewarded in August 2019 with a five-year, $64 million contract (including $36 million guaranteed). Against Washington, he jumped up and excitedly clapped on a play in which he clearly and correctly was called for a pass interference penalty. He also misread a pattern and then missed a tackle to allow Washington’s third touchdown. 

At this point he’s just an overpaid, underperforming player.

Meaning he fits right in.

9. The Washington Football Team is abbreviated “WFT”. From this point forward, the Cowboys will be known as “WTF”. And, yes, you know what it stands for.

8. In the good ol' days of Cowboys-Washington, linebacker Jon Bostic would have been fighting 10 players with a star on their helmet. 

But after his cheap-shot hit on a sliding Andy Dalton, no Cowboys did nuthin’. Very telling. Unfortunately. The rivalry is gone. 

So is the Cowboys’ fight.

"We speak all the time about playing for one another, protecting one another,'' coach Mike McCarthy said. "It definitely was not the response you would expect.' 

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7. Ezekiel Elliott getting pancaked on blitz pickup and volley-balling a catch into an interception. CeeDee Lamb with two drops and a penalty. Jaylon Smith (see above). Michael Gallup with a drop. The Cowboys aren’t good. But when their good players are bad, they’re horrible. 

Through seven weeks, the Cowboys have run exactly one play with a lead in the fourth quarter.

6. Wait, was rookie, third-string quarterback Ben DiNucci’s first NFL play a two-handed chest pass in the general vicinity – yet way behind – of Elliott for a fumble? Yes, it was. It was indeed.

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5. Cowboys are now 0-7 against the point spread. They’re broken, and their fans are broke.

4. No way around it, this was one of the ugliest losses in Cowboys’ history. Non-existent offensive line opened no holes or provided no time for receivers to run anything for quick, basic routes. Defense jumped offsides, missed tackles and blew assignments. It was Pop Warner-level embarrassment. Cowboys barely sniffed a touchdown and defense surrendered 208 rushing yards to a team that entered the game 31st in the NFL.

3. Cowboys aren’t just bad, they’re awful early. Their first-half deficits in the last six games:







Last time they trailed by 14+ points in six consecutive games was their second season. Yep, 1961.

2. In two games without him, the Cowboys have been outscored, 63-13. Serious question: Was/is Dak Prescott that good?

1. Turns out the anonymous voices in Dallas’ locker room were spot on. 

Said McCarthy in a sort of confession/concession: "We're not doing the basics. Let's not candy-coat it.''

Coach ... the people who have been "candy-coating'' the truths about the problems have been your people. We've been trying to tell it straight.

But if you're a Cowboys fan who reads this space, you already knew that, didn't you? Or, at least you do now.