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What's The Deal With Dak's Football-Friendly Backyard?

'I Like To Work In The Dark,' Jokes Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott In Talking About His Football-Friendly Backyard
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FRISCO - Dak Prescott is the proud new owner of a lovely home in Prosper, just a couple of deep throws away from Dallas Cowboys team headquarters at The Star in Frisco. The house has everything - now even a recently-installed backyard football field.

"I started working on it during quarantine, but obviously it's not a thing that just happens fast,'' said Dak of the 60-yard-long feature. (Photo via Prescott on social media.) "I'm a guy that kinda likes to work in the dark, I guess you could say.''

By "dark,'' the Cowboys QB means "in privacy.'' He said the construction of the field was fueled by the limitations of COVID-19 - and the prying eyes that come when fellas get together for workouts.

"It was probably late June that we started going, we were able to get in there two or three times a week, (for) a good solid month we were at my house for the most part.

"We were kind of finding a place here and there, being very discreet about working, obviously saying safe with the whole COVID. .. (while) not having to go somewhere else and trying to find a field and knowing people could be there filming and watching.''

Jori Epstein of USA TODAY notes that Prescott's “D4K” logo "is spray-painted in blue across the middle of the field, visible from the balcony that overlooks Prescott’s pool and backyard. There’s a nod, also, to his mother’s dying wishes: her mantra "FAITH" painted across the end zone, a silhouette of Prescott’s signature point skyward adorning the "A."

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Said tight end Blake Jarwin: “That thing’s pretty incredible. He did a great job getting us all together. Making sure we were still working out. ... He’s been locked in.”

Added receiver Michael Gallup: “Dak wants to win, he wants to practice hard and he wants to make sure everybody is on the same page. Him having the resources to do that, whenever he wants to, whenever we want to, (that's) great team-building. Dak being a leader like he is, we just appreciate that.”

“If we needed it,'' Gallup added with a laugh, "I’m pretty positive (he’d have given us snacks). But we didn’t really ask.”

Meanwhile, in meeting with the media (virtually) this week, Prescott heaped praise on a trio of new teammates, first-round rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, defensive end Aldon Smith and the man in charge, coach Mike McCarthy.

On Lamb: "A smart individual. Very, very gifted. Good hands. Has a great feel for the game.''

On Smith: "He's a man. He's a monster. Damn sure doesn't look like he hasn't played in five years.''

On McCarthy: "He's great. He demands excellence. ... Guys want to go out there and practice for him, guys want to give their all every chance that we get. He's a player's coach and he's done really well gaining the love and the trust of the players here in the locker room.

Dak also addressed a personal fashion change, as he's wearing a visor with his helmet this year.

"No particular reason,'' said Prescott, who also wore a visor in college. "Changing things up, I guess. I threw it on to see if I liked it, to see if I want to keep it. I've worn one before. It's nothing new, it's nothing different. Just gives you a little bit different feel for yourself. I like it. I think I'll keep it for now.''

Maybe there is some privacy behind the visor, just as with the Dak Backyard, which, he said, "just give(s) me a sense of privacy, a sense of peace I can have the guys over there and get a lot of work in, still doing what I need to do.''