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Cowboys 'Don't Be Stupid' Mid-Round NFL Draft Plan

Daily Blitzcast: A Cowboys Mid-Round ‘Diamond In The Rough’? Let's 'Don't Be Stupid' About It
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys seem to be primed for the addressing of the most glaring position need in the draft at cornerback - maybe the corner who is "top defensive player'' available overall. They also, in the words of team owner Jerry Jones, have a mantra about that targeted spot.

"Don't be stupid,'' Jerry said this week, "about needs.''

OK, but we have it on good authority that this team’s "other'' targets also consist of safeties. Maybe in Round 2, at pick No. 44. Maybe a bit later.

So, what about help at safety?

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Yes, they need help there, too. While it seems they’ll be addressing corner at No. 10 overall, there might be an opportunity to fill a safety spot in later rounds with some talent from the Great Northwest.

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