Cowboys Fans Playing 'Numbers Game' - In Multiple Ways

The NFL and Cowboys’ Numbers Game - Are We Ready To Play? Blitzcast
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FRISCO - It's time for the Dallas Cowboys' "Numbers Game'' - in more ways than one.

Are you ready for a single-digit linebacker? An infringement on the "legend'' of Tony Romo? Future stars exiting "The 88 Club''?

Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys Blitzcast by DSP Media in partnership with Colby Sapp and Timm “IndyCarTim” Hamm are your hosts as we discuss all things Dallas Cowboys and all things NFL.

While the upcoming NFL Draft is on the minds of everyone lately - a most important sort of "Numbers Game'' - let’s take a quick break from all of that to reset, and discuss a rule change that the NFL is proposing and is expected to pass. 

The long-standing number-assignment-by-position rule is set to change if approved by owners, and that would open up some fun chaos on NFL rosters and on the field, too. This proposed rule change has already affected discussions about a trio of Cowboys players ... though has given you the scoop on what is really going to happen there.

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But just the talk has a lot of Cowboys traditionalists up in arms. Not just because of the possibility of a single-digit linebacker or wide receiver, but because of who’s asking to wear what numbers. Colby and Timm also discuss their favorite jerseys worn as kids and have fun with the ‘Way-Back Machine’.

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