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Cowboys Should Re-Do Randy Gregory Contract Right Now

The Dallas Cowboys have been fairly successful in recent drafts, and as a result, have needed to extend those players to keep them. And this is where the club has struggled.

FRISCO - One of the biggest challenges of running a football team, or any professional franchise for that matter, is knowing if and when to extend a player’s contract. And the Dallas Cowboys seem to have struggled in this regard over the past few seasons.

And now another decision is coming ...

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There are recent examples of failure on the Cowboys’ part when we mention the sagas of both Ezekiel Elliott and Jaylon Smith. Those players seem to have been extended too early and then immediately struggled on the field afterward. 

On the other side of the argument is Dak Prescott. It can be said that the Cowboys cost themselves millions of dollars by waiting too long to sign Dak to a multi-year deal.

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There is one player on the roster right now, while not still on his rookie deal, might save the Cowboys millions of dollars by extending him sooner than later, especially after they have already invested so much in him. 

Why not bet on the come on Randy Gregory?

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