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What's Worst-Case Cowboys Scenario?

The Dallas Cowboys 2020 season certainly seems like it was a worst-case scenario for the team and fans alike. Aside from injuries, what can possibly go wrong in 2021? - The Dallas Cowboys Blitzcast Podcast

FRISCO - With so many injuries striking the Dallas Cowboys in 2020, especially early in the season, last year seems like it was a worst-case NFL scenario for the club.

How does that relate to 2021?

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Flashback: La’el Collins went down before the season started, starting tight end Blake Jarwin was lost in Week 1, Tyron Smith got re-injured in Week 2 and was not seen on the field again all season, Dak Prescott left on a cart in Week 5, and other injuries plagued the Cowboys in 2020.

Let’s assume for a minute that everyone is healthy in 2021. What’s the worst-case scenario for this team? Poor play? Poor coaching? Anything is possible, and as Dallas Cowboys followers, we've learned to expect the unexpected. 

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We can expect anything except indifference from fans and media. That's a possibility for other teams when they perform poorly on the field. But that's never the case with the Dallas Cowboys. 


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