Who Should Cowboys Hire To Replace Mike Nolan?

Who Should The Dallas Cowboys Hire To Replace Hot-Seat Coordinator Mike Nolan? 'Locked On Cowboys' Has Answers
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FRISCO - First comes the presumption: Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan's seat, which is undeniably hot, will soon be vacant.

Contrary to claims from media "reports'' and "sources,'' that is presently more "logical assumption'' than "fact.'' But to be sure, while the Jones family has endorsed the 2021 return of head coach Mike McCarthy, who is 4-9 in his first year at The Star, there is no such statement (or even a lame "vote of confidence'') regarding Nolan.

Which Nolan understands.

“You know, I don’t even think about it,” Nolan said Monday when asked about his job future. “I just take it a day at a time, anyway. ... When that time comes, we’ll deal with it if there is a change.”

What we've said in this space often has now been acknowledged by bosses Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones: Dallas attempted to do too much schematically when installing its defense - and tried to do it in an offseason during which the new coaches didn't really know the incumbent players ... and tried to do it largely using online video meetings.

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So call it "deserved'' and "accountability or call Nolan a "scapegoat'' and a "fall guy.'' Change - we believe likely after the completion of this season - is coming.

In this episode of the "Locked On Cowboys'' podcast, hosts Marcus Mosher and Landon McCool talk about Nolan and mention present staffer George Edwards as a possible next coordinator. And our guys have other good names, too - and they analyze all of them. 

McCarthy and Nolan have a deep friendship. But the Cowboys' needs usurp that. The defensive coordinator gets it.

"We just take it a day at a time,'' he said, "and whatever happens after the season happens. When that time comes, we’ll deal with it if there is a change.”

Join us, and thanks as always for listening to the "Locked on Cowboys'' podcast!