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Statement Game for Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins face a daunting challenge against the undefeated Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but there's no downplaying what a victory would mean

To say the Miami Dolphins are at a crossroads in the 2020 season would be overstating things given that they're heading into only their fourth game, but there's also no denying what a victory against the Seattle Seahawks could mean in the big picture.

In Seattle, the Dolphins are facing one of the elite teams in the NFL, led by one of the elite players in the league, if not the early front-runner for MVP honors.

That, of course, would be quarterback Russell Wilson, who has thrown at least four touchdown passes in every game this season, topped by a high of five against New England one week after the Patriots shut down the Miami passing game.

A victory against Seattle would even the Dolphins' record at 2-2, but it's what it would mean that's more significant.

The Dolphins clearly are better than they were last season, and that was proven when they gave themselves a chance to win against both the Patriots in Week 1 and the Buffalo Bills in Week 2.

But they also didn't win either of those games.

And finding a way to defeat a good team is going to be the next step for the Dolphins in their development.

Quite simply, the dominating victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars was nice, but it didn't exactly stamp the Dolphins as legitimate contenders for make a playoff push.

A win against Seattle would do just that.

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But this is not to suggest that the season is over — or, more specifically playoff hopes are over — with a loss because the 2016 Dolphins started 1-4 before they went on a run that ended with them earning a postseason berth.

This is a great opportunity for the Dolphins because a win would have a lot great significance than a loss because of Seattle's stature — unless, of course, Wilson throws for 600 yards and seven touchdowns.

We're thinking his numbers aren't going to be THAT good, though it's worrisome to think about what he might put up after Josh Allen torched the Dolphins for 417 passing yards because — though I'm a Josh Allen defender — he's no Russell Wilson when it comes to throwing the football.

For those who think the Dolphins have a significant advantage because of the 1 p.m. Eastern time start and Seattle having to travel to the East Coast, well, let's just point out that the Seahawks have won their past eight games in the Eastern time zone over the past three seasons.

The Dolphins also have never defeated a team with a 3-0 record, even though every one of their seven previous tries have been on the road.

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Those numbers, however, won't matter Sunday. This will be about the 2020 Dolphins.

We're still not quite sure just how good they can be, even after that convincing victory at Jacksonville.

A win against Seattle would provide an encouraging clue for sure.