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Ingram Eager to "Rock And Roll" with Dolphins

Veteran linebacker Melvin Ingram III says "he's 200 percent healthy" and eyeing the start of Miami Dolphins training camp

The media got their first look at Melvin Ingram III at the Miami Dolphins minicamp Wednesday, though he did not practice.

Ingram did not have a jersey on; instead, he wore a Dolphins hoodie. Truth is, Ingram still does not have a jersey number exactly two weeks after his signing with the Dolphins became official.

In reality, getting a new number isn't a big deal when it comes to Ingram, just like him not practicing yet also is no big deal.

Ingram did do some individual work with other defenders.

“It’s just getting out there and getting a feel with the guys, getting into their routine of what they’re doing in individual and how they like to do this," he said. "It’s dope to be out there with them.”


Ingram likely won't work the rest of the offseason program, which will conclude at the end of next week, but he says he'll be ready and rarin' to go by the start of training camp.

“The start of training camp, I’ll be there," Ingram said Wednesday in his first session with South Florida media.

“(I'm) the same way that I’ve been my whole career. I’m still me. I’m 200 percent healthy. I feel amazing. I’m ready to rock and roll.”

Ingram has worn the numbers 54, 8 and 24 with the Chargers, Steelers and Chiefs during his 10 NFL seasons, but the Dolphins haven't handed out 54 since Zach Thomas retired, 8 belongs to Jevon Holland and 24 belongs to Byron Jones.

Ingram said Wednesday there are no ongoing negotiations for a number.

"We’re still working on it," Ingram said. "We’ll see. It’s the first day of camp, so we’ll see.”


What Ingram was adamant about was his excitement over signing with the Dolphins, who happened to be his late father's favorite team as he was growing up in North Carolina.

“I thought about him a lot (the past two weeks), Ingram said. "If he was here to see this, it would be crazy. I know he’s smiling down and he’s happy. I know that.”

“I don’t know how he picked the Dolphins, but he loved them. So now it’s dope to be here.”

The Dolphins, of course, were interested in signing Ingram as a free agent last offseason before he joined the Steelers, who then traded him to the Chiefs after a trade request over his playing time.

That's in the past. In the present, Ingram is with the Dolphins playing catch-up a little bit.

"That’s something that we don’t want to just throw people out there to throw them out there," head coach Mike McDaniel said. "They have to be in the prerequisite shape and we’ve been working since April 4 with the rest of the guys. Right now, that’s the limit with which we’re comfortable doing with him. That’s exactly why all things equal, he’s added value to the Dolphins. There is an element of professional success and hunger. He’s trying to prove himself as well, just like this team has, and we’re doing that one day at a time.”

One thing for sure, practicing or not, Ingram sure was in a good mood when he spoke to the media.

When he was asked what he hoped to bring to the team, he didn't hesitate.