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Report: Dolphins Considering All Options at QB, Even One Without Tua

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is coming off his best NFL season but his concussions have left his long-term future in question

The big question with Tua Tagovailoa this offseason has been whether the Miami Dolphins would sign him to his fifth-year option, let him play out his rookie contract or maybe even give him a long-term deal.

But another completely different — and dramatic option — has been put forth: the Dolphins moving on from Tagovailoa.

NFL insider Josina Anderson reported for CBS Sports HQ on Friday that, per league sources, the Dolphins are considering all options when it comes to Tua and their starting QB position — and we do mean everything.

Included moving on from Tua.

"Even though the reports were coming out at the end of this season that the experts expect Tua to be 100 percent when the time for football comes, league sources have told me again last night and today that there are members in the organization of the Dolphins who are aware that the team is exploring all of their options at quarterback, including potentially moving in a different direction from Tua," Anderson reported. "So, yes, that is happening. That is part of the due diligence that a general manager should do when you are considering the concussion and the head history, the injury history in the head to Tua and what they've experienced."

Tagovailoa led the NFL in passer rating in 2022 with a 105.5 mark, but he also missed four regular season games plus the playoff game at Buffalo with two official concussions, along with the injury in Week 3 against the Bills that many have suggested possibly could have been another.


GM Chris Grier met with the media at the combine Wednesday and addressed the fifth-year option decision involving Tua.

"I think with us, we’re still having all those conversations because there’s a lot of factors that go into that," Grier said. "And I think now that we’re finally finishing up the coaching staff, we’ll focus on some of these answers and coming together with Mike (McDaniel) and I, we’ll sit and talk about it as well as with Mr. (Stephen) Ross and Brandon Shore. So we’ll go through it and we’ll make our decision then.

"But all expectations, he’s our quarterback and he’s our quarterback here to be successful for a long time.”

At the time, Grier was asked about the idea of doing a long-term contract and said that all options were possibilities — though no reporter took that to mean that moving from Tua was among those.

Grier did admit he had some concern about Tua's durability, which certainly seemed odd coming right after raising the possibility of a long-term deal.

“I can’t lie and say no, but it’s not something that is going to make us afraid to do something long term with him," Grier said. "The one thing he’s had, he’s been banged up, but he always comes back and bounces back and plays hard and performs, so excited for his future. Excited for watching him doing all the work he’s been doing in the offseason right now to prepare for 2023 and he’s very excited to get back on the field with his teammates.”


While we made the point that Grier's answer about the fifth-year option with Tua was different than the much more definitive answer he had regarding Christian Wilkins' similar situation last year, it should be noted that the Dolphins didn't exercise the fifth-year option on the defensive tackle until April 28.

The reality is there really is not rush to make a decision when the deadline to use the fifth-year option is May 2.