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NFL Draft Profile: Brevyn Spann-Ford, Tight End, Minnesota Golden Gophers

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Minnesota TE Brevyn Spann-Ford
Minnesota TE Brevyn Spann-Ford
minnesota gophers logo

Pos: TE
Ht: 6060
Wt: 256
Hand: 1018
Arm: 3348
Wing: 8000
40: 4.80
DOB: 12/27/1999
Hometown: Saint Cloud, MN
High School: Saint Cloud Technical
Eligibility: 2023

Brevyn Spann-Ford
Minnesota Golden Gophers


For his size, Spann-Ford has good athleticism and quickness, he just needs to improve as a blocker to carve out a long-term role at the next level.


On film, Minnesota lines Spann-Ford all over the field. He’ll play in-line, in the slot and even on the outside. Spann-Ford has the ability to continue to play all over the field at the next level. The first thing that stands out with Spann-Ford is his body composition. He is tall and long, with adequate weight, yet he has the frame to continue to add more mass. Spann-Ford isn’t a laboring athlete, though. He moves well enough and has fantastic quickness for his size. Spann-Ford is tight-hipped but has quick feet to make up for it and change direction at the top of his route. His speed is predicated on really long strides, which allows him to create separation. Spann-Ford’s long strides, length and quickness will make him a solid separator at the next level. Minnesota doesn’t really have Spann-Ford run many routes but when asked to get open, he showed a craftiness in understanding how to attack defenders. Spann-Ford won’t be a high-level route runner at the next level but he’ll at least be solid in that department. His hands aren’t anything special but they’ll get the job done. Spann-Ford doesn’t have enough explosion or jumping ability to go up and get the ball but his length and size will make up for those deficiencies. As a blocker, Spann-Ford is still a work in progress. The flashes are there but for the most part, Spann-Ford just tries to get in the way. He’ll use his size and length to push defenders but Spann-Ford lacks any technique. There is also a lack of willingness as a blocker on Spann-Ford’s film. He isn’t very physical and doesn’t block with any tenacity. All the tools are there for Spann-Ford to be a good blocker at the next level, he just needs a lot of coaching and to change his mentality as a blocker. Spann-Ford has the skill set and upside to be a good number two tight end. If he improves his blocking next season, he could move into the early part of day three.


5th Round

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