NFL Draft Profile: Byron Young, Defensive Tackle, Alabama Crimson Tide

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Alabama defensive tackle, Byron Young
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Byron Young
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Pos: DT
Ht: 6021
Wt: 292
DOB: 11/10/_
Eligible: 2022
Laurel, MS
West Jones

Byron Young
Alabama Crimson Tide


Leinweber: An athletically gifted 3-4 defensive end, Young started games as a true freshman for the Crimson Tide. His first step is quick, not giving blockers a chance to get comfortable in their sets. Converting get off into power, he arrives low with violence at the point of attack, twisting and uprooting blockers. Young possesses length and knows how to use it to his advantage with his push-pull and longarm moves being successful. As a run defender, he is quick enough to attack gaps, using his hands to stay clean or locking out and controlling two gaps. Young is a reliable tackler and smart run defender with good eyes to locate ball carriers.


Leinweber: Despite his get off, he can be slow to time it, costing him the initiative. His pass rush moves do not always connect as he can whiff with swipes. Young's gap penetration does not translate to his pass-rushing where he fails to get quick wins. He gets put on the ground by violent body blows from the side. Young can struggle to disengage from blockers that latch on to him.


Leinweber: Long armed 3-4 defensive end who has good explosiveness and flexibility. Young knows how to take advantage of his length as a pass rusher or run defender. His athleticism allows him to penetrate gaps and convert it into power. Only a true junior, he is still adding secondary moves and refining his hand usage. Young projects as an eventual starter at defensive end who can contribute in a rotation out of the gate. He has two-gapping ability but also fits a penetration style front due to his athleticism. 


Raised in Mississippi. A four-star recruit and top 100 recruit according to 247Sport. Selected to the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Trolled LSU head coach Ed Orgeron on twitter after the Tide’s win over the Tigers in 2020.


Leinweber: Long, athletically gifted 3-4 defensive end who fits a two-gapping or penetration style front. 


Current Player Value/Potential Player Value

Leinweber: 7.4/8.4