NFL Draft Profile: Jordan Battle, Safety, Alabama Crimson Tide

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Alabama safety, Jordan Battle
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Jordan Battle
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Pos: DS
Ht: 6002
Wt: 210
DOB: 12/14/_
Eligible: 2022
Fort Lauderdale, FL
St. Thomas Aquinas

Jordan BattleAlabama Crimson Tide


Leinweber: Freshman starter at Alabama who possesses terrific size for a safety looks the part. Battle is athletically gifted, turning and running well if threatened vertically. His burst and speed make him dangerous when he blitzes, timing his get off very well, often getting a head start. In underneath zones, he is disciplined, passing off routes reliably. Battle delivers hard hits coming downhill, making receivers second guess if they want the ball over the middle. He takes good angles to ball carriers in space. In the box, he displays the required physicality to take on blocks. Battle moves well at the backend given his size, backpedaling and transitioning cleanly. While he is not often asked to do it, his athleticism and size allow him to man up against tight ends.

Bogan: Wiry thin safety with good length and athleticism for the position. Incredibly smart football player who you can tell understands the whole defensive scheme at Alabama. Plays with strong instincts as a short zone defender or robber, knowing when he can and cannot take risks within the scheme of the defense. Impressive eye discipline keying the quarterback in zone coverage, showing a natural feel for leveraging routes and seeing concepts develop. Good hip fluidity to turn and run without losing speed, flips his with ease without false steps or losing balance. Athletically shows he can be reliable in man coverage against tight ends and slot receivers. Effectively used as a blitzer who shows the ability to properly time snaps to provide instant pressure off the edge. Tackles well playing in closed spaces, plays with good physicality in the box despite his wiry thin frame.


Leinweber: Lacks instincts as a playmaker with his eyes on the quarterback, he fails to anticipate routes or throws to make plays on them. Even when he has a chance to make a play, he just bats the ball down. In the run game, he can be slow to trigger and fill. Battle likes to keep everything in front of him, failing to locate routes developing behind. Shifty ball carriers can make him miss when he comes downhill with a head of steam.

Bogan: Does not provide much range on the backend, does most of his work in underneath zones or in the box. Plays with a lack of urgency at times, not triggering fast enough to run alleys downhill and bring runs down closer to the line of scrimmage. Takes inconsistent angles to the football, causing him to be an inconsistent tackler in space. A safe player in coverage who prefers to tackle the football instead of making plays on the football. Ball production is not there, needs to be more aggressive in coverage as opposed to just being okay with being in the right spot.

Leinweber: Athletic and physical safety with prototypical size. Battle is dangerous when blitzing and can play in the box with his physicality. His movement skills in space are very good for a player of his size. Lacking instincts, he is unable to make plays on the ball consistently. Battle projects as an underneath zone defender who can provide range and physicality at the second level. While he can play in deep zones, he should not be relied on as a playmaking-free safety. 

Bogan: A wiry safety whose playing style looks more suited for playing in the box at the next level. Smart football player who excels as a short zone defender or a guy you can use as a robber, does not blow coverages. Inconsistent coming downhill in run support accompanied with lack of deep zone coverage abilities, hinders his ability to show projection as a two-high safety. Can be a versatile player who can matchup with tight ends and add a blitzing element to a secondary in the NFL.


Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Attended St. Thomas Aquinas high school in his hometown. Four-star recruit according to 247Sports. Committed to Ohio State before flipping his commitment to Alabama. Contributed as a freshman before taking over a starting safety role as a sophomore. 


Leinweber: Athletic and physical safety with prototypical size. Lacks instincts and playmaking abilities and could be best in the box.

Bogan: A wiry safety whose playing style looks more suited for playing in the box at the next level. Can be a versatile player who can matchup with tight ends and add a blitzing element to a secondary in the NFL.


Current Player Value/Potential Player Value

Leinweber: 7.4/8.5

Bogan: 7.2/8.2