Eagles Quarterback Factory Adds Khalil Tate

Ed Kracz

Another signal-caller is expected to punch in at the Eagles Quarterback Factory after the team agreed to term with Arizona’s Khalil Mack on Sunday evening.

Tate revealed the news on social media.

The Eagles have now added a pair of quarterbacks over the weekend. Tate won’t attract as much fanfare as the Eagles’ second-round selection of Oklahoma/Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts in the 2020 NFL Draft, but there’s no denying that Tate was a talented player with the Wildcats.

Tate is 6-2, 215, and has the new skillset the Eagles seem to be looking for in their quarterbacks, one who is big, strong with the ability to run and throw.

Hurts is more accomplished at that than Tate, but Tate is another developmental project for an Eagles team that made headlines for drafting Hurts with Carson Wentz ensconced as the starter, but for one particular comment made about it afterward.

“For better or worse, we are quarterback developers,” said Roseman after taking Hurts. “We want to be a quarterback factory. We have the right people in place to do that. No team in the National Football League has benefitted more from developing quarterbacks than the Philadelphia Eagles.”

Tate completed just 58 percent of his passes in 40 games with Arizona. He was 459-for-792 with 6,318 yards, 57 touchdowns, and 31 interceptions. He also ran 366 times for 2,285 and 18 scores in those 40 games.

The Eagles quarterback factory now has Wentz, Nate Sudfeld, Hurts, Tate, and Kyle Lauletta who was added to the practice squad during last season.

After selecting Hurts, Roseman said that the Eagles needed to find quarterbacks they can develop because Sudfeld wants a chance to go somewhere to start. This will be Sudfeld’s fourth season as a backup with the Eagles, yet he has played very sparingly.

“We want to get back to having a strong room,” said Roseman on Friday night shortly after the selection of Hurts. “I think we've talked about it a lot, and I think we're feeling like it was getting away from us a little bit. Nate has been very clear that he wants an opportunity to go start somewhere, so we felt like a year from now, we'd be throwing resources at this position. We wanted to get out in front of it a little bit and make sure that that room was a really strong room.”

The addition of Tate seems to strengthen the QB room even further.