True or False, Eagles Considering Taking a QB with Sixth Pick in Draft

GM Howie Roseman made it known that, after Carson Wentz is traded, taking another QB at No. 6 is an option, or could he be setting up a smokescreen to trade down?

To any quarterback-needy team that wants one of the top four or five passers in the draft, calling the Eagles might be a good place to start.

The Eagles sit at No. 6 and on Wednesday they made it known, through ESPN's Adam Schefter, that they could look to draft a quarterback in that spot.

It is true that whenever the day comes that the Eagles trade Carson Wentz, they will need to restock the position. Jalen Hurts would be the only quarterback under contract. But at No. 6, on a roster that has as many newly-opened potholes across a snowy Northeast landscape?


The Eagles’ front office seems to be all-in on Jalen Hurts at this point, which would suggest that taking a QB that high is something they would not do. Now, taking or o the second or third could be something they explore then add a veteran somewhere along the line.

Besides, the No. 6 pick could yield a better return than what GM Howie Roseman might get when the Wentz deal goes down, so it is certainly worth considering.

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Think of it, what could Roseman get, for example, if he were to move all the way down to the No. 15 pick in the draft, swapping places with the New England Patriots?

The NFL trade chart evaluator assigns 1,600 points to the sixth overall pick with the 15th overall pick having a point total of 1,050. That means the Patriots, theoretically, would need to find a way to come up with 550 points to make a deal work.

To get close, NE would have to give up their second-round pick, the 47th overall with a point value of 430 points, and their fourth-round pick, No. 111 overall, valued at 72 points, but even that would leave them a little short., sp probably more would be needed. The Patriots do not have a third-round pick.

What if the Steelers, who sounded on Wednesday that they could be moving on from Ben Roethlisberger, want to jump all the way up from the No. 24, throwing in a second-round pick this year and a first-rounder in 2022?

Tempting, right?

Dropping to 15 or 24 may, however, be too steep for Roseman, who would probably prefer to stick in the top 10 while adding some draft capital.

Two teams picking after the Eagles both need quarterbacks – the Panthers who are sitting at No. 8 and the Broncos at No. 9.

Even the Cowboys at No. 10 may need one depending on what happens with free agent Dak Prescott. At No. 11, maybe the Giants, who drafted Daniel Jones a year before coach Joe Judge arrived, decide to try for an upgrade.

It's doubtful, though, that the Eagles trade within the division especially if they know that the Cowboys and Giants could take a quarterback who could haunt them for years to come.

Any sort of trade down, if it were to happen, would likely not happen until April 29, when the first-round will begin.

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Once the QB run begins, and it will likely start early with the Jaguars taking Trevor Lawrence and the Jets taking Zach Wilson or Justin Fields at No. 2, Carolina and Denver could get nervous.

Those nervous would turn into full-blown jitters if the Falcons take another quarterback at No. 4, whichever one the Jets don’t take – Wilson or Fields.

That would leave Trey Lance or Mac Jones as the perceived next two best quarterbacks and Jones, for some reason, has begun to vault up the board, with one mock draft listing him as the fourth selection of the Falcons.

In any event, if three QBs are gone and the Eagles have made it known they want a quarterback, perhaps the Panthers or Broncos or even the Patriots begin speed-dialing Roseman to see just how committed he is to taking a QB there.

And maybe Roseman is.

In 2016, he said that when you pick as high as they did that year you have to take a quarterback. The sixth selection isn’t the same as the second pick the Eagles held five years ago and took Wentz, but maybe it’s high enough to take a quarterback you fall in love with after your evaluations are done.

The evaluations of this crop of quarterbacks will be vital if Roseman is seriously considering finding a QB with the sixth pick.

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