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Falcons 'Could Definitely' Draft QB, Says GM Terry Fontenot

Desmond Ridder is the only quarterback on the roster for the Atlanta Falcons. But that won't be for long.

The Atlanta Falcons have a lot of questions in regards to which position they will take with the No. 8 pick, including the most important player on the team ... the quarterback.

The Falcons drafted Desmond Ridder last year in the third round, but after cutting veteran quarterback Marcus Mariota earlier this week, there's a chance Atlanta could go back in the signal-caller department with a pick in this draft class.

"We're never going to put ourselves in a corner, we're always leaving every door open," general manager Terry Fontenot said. "So again, a lot of draft, free agency, whether it's the eighth pick or whether it's at some other point in the draft, we could definitely bring in a quarterback. So we don't want to box ourselves in and say something we're not going to do."

But whether that quarterback is expected to usurp the inside path to becoming the franchise guy, or whether he's there to pressure Ridder into winning the job himself, the Falcons are open to a number of possibilities.

"We want to bring in good players," Fontenot said. "So we could bring in a veteran, we could bring in a guy with experience, we could bring in a guy with no experience. We want to add to the room."

With just Ridder on the roster, there's no question the Falcons will add to the room. But how? That mystery will be answered in due time.

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