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Falcons vs. NFL: What's Your Atlanta Stress Level?

Atlanta fans weren't hard on their team despite losing record

The rebuilding process has a long way to go in Atlanta, but Falcons don't seem too worried.

Pickswise did a study analyzing more than a million tweets and determined that Falcons' fans ranked 17th among NFL teams when it came to letting out their frustrations via Twitter.

According to Pickswise: "Whether it's slamming coaching decisions, referees or general bad luck, we picked up every tweet to determine the most partisan online fan base in the sport."

Fans of Atlanta tweeted terms that could be deemed "stressful, angry, or disappointed" only 29,656 times. This is a little surprising considering they finished with a 7-10 record, landing the Falcons third in the NFC South. All seven wins were a one-possession difference, which reversed last year's misfortune of losing 10 such games.

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Calvin Ridley and Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan1

Football is so much more than a game for fans, and this study illustrates that emotions run high when it comes to your team and its season. And what better way to vent those emotions than to make a fuss on Twitter?

In response to losing the last game of the season against the long-time divisional rival New Orleans Saints, some fans expressed extreme disappointment. 

For example: @BGawdddd was ruthless when it came to proposing cuts, including the entire o-line. 

Not everyone was as cut-throat. Falcoholic Matt tweeted that he forgave his team after the loss to the Saints, which gives some insight as to how Atlanta fans ended up landing in the top half of the most chill fans of 2021.