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Matt Ryan Says All The Right Things

Matt Ryan discusses social justice, one-on-one practice with his teammates, and crowd noise with journalists

Dad (William Carver) and Demi (Demi) are back again.

In order to practice social distancing, many of us use FaceTime , Skype and Zoom to connect with our friends and family.

With no in-person interviews during the pandemic, video calls have been essential for journalists .

Matt Ryan met with journalists via video conference on Tuesday to discuss everything from social justice, offseason workouts, and crowd noise.

Social Justice

Shortly after last week’s episode of Dad,Demi and First Downs on the “Atlanta Falcons reaction to the George Floyd protests”, Ryan released a statement that he setup a GoFundMe account with an initial donation of 500k for the black community of Atlanta. That GoFundMe is now at $1.2 million. Ryan is happy with how the fundraiser is going.

“I’m overwhelmed by everybody’s generosity and commitment to wanting to make change. We still have a little ways to go but we’ve done an extradionray job to start this off. My hope is to make a real impact on the city of Atlanta and this community. “

Offseason Workouts

Due to social distancing requirements, players are having one-on-one workouts with Ryan in California. Calvin Ridley, Russell Gage, Julio Jones and Todd Gurley have all worked out with Ryan in California. According to Ryan, everyone is looking good.

Thoughts on Calvin Ridley

“Calvin has been working extremely hard and he looks great and he has been putting in a ton of extra time.”

Thoughts on Russell Gage

“ Russell has been amazing. He is a guy that I think feels a lot more comfortable after having played the second half of last season. I feel like he’s in a spot where he knows his role and how we are going to use him.”

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Thoughts on Julio Jones

“I've gotten to spend a lot of time with Julio. He has been awesome. He looks in great shape. It's great to spend some time with them indivuially .”

Thoughts on Todd Gurley

“He is extremely versatile out of the backfield. He looked great. He looked healthy and ready to go. I was impressed with that. The thing that struct me the most though, was how smart of a player he is. His ability to retain information and to not have to circle back on things the next day. If I told him once on how we are trying to work something or a route concept or what we are expecting from him. He doesn’t forget it. He was back the next day on top of it.”

Crowd Noise

If fans are unable to attend NFL games this season, there is a chance fake crowd noise will be used. Ryan was asked about how he felt about the possibility of using fake crowd noise for games.

“Im not sure our organization should be talking about pumping in crowd noise.”

The Atlanta Falcons were punished in 2015 for pumping crowd noise into the stadium.

Checkout this week’s episode above.

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