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New York Giants Training Camp Preview - LS Carson Tinker

The Giants kept Carson Tinker around last year in the event of an injury or COVID-19 related emergency. Will they do so again this year?

Long snapper Carson Tinker is the latest--and last--of the Giants players on the 90-man roster to have college roots with Alabama. And while he was part of Nick Saban's program, Tinker was part of the 2009, 2011, and 2012 National Championship teams, so he knows a thing or two about playing for high stakes, having gone from being a walk-on to earning a full scholarship in his final season.

While Tinker had a productive time for the Crimson Tide, it was also one marked by tragedy. In April 2012, Tinker and his girlfriend, Ashley Harrison, took shelter from a tornado in a closet but unfortunately, Ashley was killed when the tornado's force threw both of them 50 yards.

Tinker was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Jaguars in 2013 and held the team's long snapping position until 2017 when he tore his ACL in training camp and missed the season. The following year, Tinker suffered an undisclosed knee injury that landed him back on injured reserve, and in March 2019, he was released from his contract. He would sit out the 2019 season before getting another chance with the Giants, who signed him in 2020 to compete for a roster spot.

What He Brings

Tinker is as solid as they come to both long snapping and snapping on field goals. According to his college bio, Tinker, the Alabama team recipient of the Disney Spirit Award for his community contributions following the aforementioned devastating tornado that rumbled through Tuscaloosa, was perfect on his 83 short snaps and 36 long snaps.

As a sophomore, he started all 13 games as the snapper, finishing 121 of 123 on snapping opportunities, and completed 58 snaps on extra points, 24 on field goals, and 40 long snaps on punts.

Tinker has been just as impressive off the field. A 2011 Sportsman of the Year finalist, Tinker is also a published author of the book A Season to Remember: Faith in the Midst of the Storm, about his experience in the tornado and the Alabama football season.

Tinker also remains active in the community and in seeking to help others fulfill their visions. He is the Be A Blessing Foundation founder, which focuses on helping those who suffered loss or experienced hardship.

His Contract

Tinker is signed to a one-year deal worth $850,000, including an $8,500 signing bonus.

Roster Projection/Expectations

While it would make sense to carry Tinker on the practice squad if something were to keep Casey Kreiter from fulfilling his long-snapping duties, the Giants usually try to cross-train younger players on long snapping to give themselves options when the final roster decisions are made.

That said, Tinker is the incumbent for a backup spot and should remain in that role for the coming season, barring an unexpected candidate stepping up.  

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