Countdown to the Draft: Organizational Checks and Balances

What happens if a trade proposal is on the table? And what do teams do when an assistant coach wants nothing to do with a prospect on the team's board? Former NFL head coach Jim Mora Jr has some insight into all that and more.
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One of the many scenarios the New York Giants are thought to be considering ahead of the draft later this month is whether to trade down from No. 11 to acquire more picks.

While they will probably stand pat given general manager Dave Gettleman's history, that raised the question of how an organization deploys checks and balances into deciding whether to enter into a trade.

For the Giants, Gettleman as general manager has the final say, but as Jim Mora Jr points out in the video above with host Kim Becker, some organizations are set up in such a way where if the team's ownership doesn't sign off on the trade, then it doesn't happen.

Mora also offers insight from his experience as a head coach into what happens if a team is considering a player while on the clock that an assistant coach would rather not have as part of his unit.  

The key to any decision, be it a trade or a draft pick announced? Organizational alignment. Mora noted that not everyone will agree on everything that comes up during the draft, but so long as there is alignment before a move is announced, that's what's most important.

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