Lloyd Cushenberry, Center

Height: 6-3"
Weight: 312 lbs
Grade: Junior
School: LSU

Lloyd Cushenberry knew he wanted to become a star football player since he was eight years old.

As his former high school head coach, Vincent Roddy, can attest, Cushenberry was always different. Somehow he’d eventually find a way to set himself apart.

Roddy proved to be right, as Lloyd enjoyed a standout career in the program, receiving multiple offers before the Tigers swooped in at the last minute to give Cushenberry III an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Cushenberry began his development as a redshirt sophomore after moving to center. As a first-year starter, he started all 13 games and quickly became one of the leaders on the team.

He went on to start all 15 games during his final season, helping anchor a record-setting and National Championship winning offense.

So what makes him stand out? He’s an above-average athlete that seeks out contact at every possible opportunity.

He is an aggressive player, competitive in space, and is always willing to make tough blocks. Cushenberry tended to be extremely comfortable and alert in open space, irrespective of the limitations of his offense.

His strength is sat times his kryptonite. He can be a bit overzealous, as he can try to do a bit too much on a given play. If he’s not careful, he could get exploited early on as he learns the ropes.

Why He’s a Fit

There’s never a shortage of outcries for the Giants to take a player fans believe would best serve the team. In the first round, they’ve got the fourth overall pick, and are likely to have their choice of Isaiah Simmons or an offensive tackle.

In this scenario, they can have their cake and eat it too, by grabbing Simmons and then selecting Cushenberry in the second round. 

Cushenberry still has room to grow when it comes to hand placement and footwork; if he figures that out, he projects as a productive starter in just about any offensive system in the league.