Giants Expecting Impact Player at No. 11

It sounds obvious but given the Giants have loaded up in free agency for a run, general manager Dave Gettleman's statement might have provided the tiniest of glimpses into the organization's thinking.
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New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman doesn't know at the moment if another team will approach him for a potential trade or if he even plans to initiate a trade discussion ahead of the start of next week's draft.

But what Gettleman does know as far as the identity of the Giants' first-round pick--whomever that might be--is that the expectation is for that player to come in right away and make an impact.

“It’s really hard to take a guy that at 11 that you’re betting on the potential,” Gettleman said during a video conference call with reporters Thursday.

There aren't very many position groups that can immediately impact the Giants are likely expecting. Receiver is certainly one, and the Giants could have their choice from a group that includes Alabama stars Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith.

Running back is another position that could deliver an immediate impact, but the Giants aren't about to spend another first-rounder on that position when they already have so much invested in a rehabbing Saquon Barkley.

Pass rusher? Director of College Scouting Chris Pettit was asked about the edge rusher class, which lacks a Chase Young type of prospect, but which is filled with some intriguing talent, all with their various warts.

Might taking an edge rusher at No. 11 be too rich for the Giants' tastes at that point in the draft?

"I wouldn't say there's too rich for edge rushers at any year," Pettit said. "Edge rushers are how you win--you win when guys rush the passer. Where they are on the board, we'll see how it shakes out. There are a lot of factors to it, but I wouldn't say there aren't guys available."

What about offensive linemen, where the Giants appear to have enough in terms of quantity as of right now, but where there is a question of quality?

That all depends on how the Giants plan on doing with their current configuration. Locked in are Andrew Thomas at left tackle and Nick Gates at center. Matt Peart is projected to start at right tackle if he can hold off Nate Solder, the latter of whom returns after opting out last year. Meanwhile, at guard, Shane Lemieux and Will Hernandez will battle for the left guard spot, and veteran Zach Fulton will play right guard.

Still, would the Giants pass on Oregon's Penei Sewell or Northwestern's Rashawn Slater if one or both were on the board at No. 11?

The Giants proved last year that they weren't afraid to throw rookies into the fire on the offensive line to get them experience. But with this being a critical year ahead for quarterback Daniel Jones, would the coaching staff take that risk again with another rookie offensive lineman for the sake of getting the guy as much experience a possible?

That can't be ruled out, especially since Gettleman admitted that part of the equations being aware of where various guys are in their respective contracts.

In the case of the offensive line, they have four guys signed only through this season--Hernandez, Solder, Fulton, and Jonotthan Harrison. So would it behoove them to replenish that potential loss if a blue-chip prospect is there, especially if there are some concerns about next year's cap situation?

"You're always looking at that kind of stuff," Gettleman said. "Sure. You may draft a guy to fill the need that you know, you're going to have. So you absolutely take that into consideration."

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