Path to the Draft: How NFL Teams Get Ready for the Draft

With the NFL Draft is less than three weeks away, former NFL head coach Jim Mora offers a glimpse into what these final weeks before the big event are like for a team as it wraps its preparations.
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Lots of meetings, discussions--some of them very spirited--and long hours at the office fueled by lots of coffee...

That is the lifestyle these days of NFL teams around the country as the coaches, general managers, and personnel departments all put their heads together to provide input into how a team's final draft board will look ahead of the NFL draft.

There are countless scouting reports to be read--and re-read--by the top decision-makers. There are also numerous film sessions, both scheduled and unscheduled, as coaches envision how they might deploy a specific talent into their scheme.

Then there is the arduous task of assigning grades to the players. Those grades will be used to assembling the team's big board, a visual that will be kept under lock and key throughout the draft. 

That's right, no one except for those who will be present in the team's draft "war room" to discuss who among the hundreds of college prospects will be among the next generation to wear the team's colors will be permitted to see that board.

In the video above, former NFL head coach Jim Mora Jr, who's been the head coach for two different NFL franchises (Atlanta and Seattle), shares with host Kim Becker some additional details into how an NFL team gets ready for the biggest event on the team's off-season calendar. 

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