Frustrated Jenkins Criticizes Role in Defensive Scheme

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Patricia Traina

All Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins wants to do is play football.

However, a frustrated Jenkins doesn’t feel as though he’s been allowed to play ball, at least not the way he believes himself capable of. As such, his frustration boiled over in his postgame comments when he was asked about the defensive breakdowns that continue to plague the Giants.

“First of all, you’ve got to use your weapons,” Jenkins said. “It’s common sense. Football is football. I’m the only one in the league that don’t travel no more. I don’t understand why. But I was traveling the other years.

“I play on the left side of the field all game. I get two passes a game. Come on, bro. Like, common sense. Everybody in the league who’s got a top corner, they travel. Rabbit don’t travel no more. Come on.”

Against the Bucs the Giant did allow Jenkins to travel for a quarter with Mike Evans, Tampa’s top receiver. But in trying to get the young cornerbacks more experience, Bettcher has gone away from that and more toward letting the kids take their lumps.

It hasn’t worked. Last week against Chicago, Bears slot receiver Allen Robinson recorded the bulk of his receiving yardage against Corey Ballentine. According to Pro Football Focus, Robinson caught all four of his pass targets against Ballentine for 107 yards and one touchdown.

This week it was more of the same against Packers slot receiver Allen Lazard, who finished with three catches for 103 yards, including big pass plays of 43 yards and a 37-yard touchdown.

Despite his bubbling frustration, Jenkins doesn’t plan to speak to Bettcher about it.

“Sometimes, you ain’t got to say too much,” Jenkins said. “For what? It’s football. It’s common sense.”

If it’s such common sense, then why haven’t the Giants done it?

“Just go look at the film,” Jenkins said. “I ain’t got to explain to y’all. I ain’t trying to impress none of y’all. I’m trying to play football.

“Use me the way I need to be used. That’s all I’m saying.”

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Cmon, Janoris. If they always put you on our opponents' best receiver. we might win a game.

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