Barkley Treats Young Fan to a Day at the Game

Patricia Traina

Remember that young football fan,  11-year-old Kamil Bautista, who, after a Cowboys game was snubbed by defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence for an autograph request because the boy was wearing a Saquon Barkley jersey?

In the video posted on TMZ, Lawrence can be spotted looking sideways at the young boy and growling, "Get the right jersey son" as he never breaks a stride toward a waiting vehicle.

Barkley, who found out about Bautista's plight, promised to do something special for his young fan, and made good on his promise to host the boy and his family as his special guests at the Giants game against the Jets last month.  

"I invited him and his family to a game and got them on the field passes and after the game, just kind of spent some time with them, chopped it up and took some pictures with them," Barkley said Thursday.

"Like I say all the time, it’s bigger than football and God put me in a position to have an impact on a kid like that, and to be able to walk up to the kid and see the emotion on his face definitely meant a lot to me. Just happy I was able to do something for that family."