Giants Injury Update

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Receiver Sterling Shepard, linebacker Kareem Martin and guard Kevin Zeitler all have injuries the Giants will be keeping an eye on in the week ahead.

Head coach Pat Shurmur said that Shepard is being evaluated for a concussion; Martin sprained his knee and Zeitler injured his shoulder.

The Giants return to work Wednesday to begin preparing for their 2019 home opener against Buffalo.

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Injuries are always a foe. But there are teams who staff their rosters with talent and can deal with it. I see little hope for that with this Giants regime. We have little talent to begin with, and I don't think we kept the best people ( at the margin, at least). It seems to me our only hope is to focus on possession football. Line up two tight ends ( or a tackle if only Ellison can block), a full back and Saquon. Run " student body right" and " student body left" all day. 80 % of the plays should be runs, win or lose. That keeps our defense off the field, and will wear down opponents. In addition, every once in a while, Barkley will find a crease and break a TD run. The current offensive plan is idiotic and unsuccessful. If the Giants' coaches can't see this, then they should be gone. They will continue to fail. Personally, I don't think our coaches have the brains to see this. We'll sees against Buffalo.