Giants Trivia Quiz: Lawrence Taylor

Patricia Traina

From 1981-93, Lawrence Taylor--better known as "L.T." to scores of Giants fans--caused many NFL quarterbacks to curl into a ball at the mere sight of him crashing into the backfield toward them. 

The Hall of Fame linebacker often put on a Superman type of performance, like in Week 13 of the 1988 season against the New Orleans Saints when he had to wear a harness on one of his shoulders in which he had suffered torn ligaments and a pectoral injury. 

Despite his injury, Taylor put on a show that afternoon, one of many he'd put on for Giants fans.

Speaking of the Saints, who famously passed on selecting Taylor with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1981 draft in favor of South Carolina running back George Rogers, did you know the Cowboys, who held the No. 26 pick in that year's draft, were looking to swap places with the Saints to have a chance at drafting Taylor?

In 1981, current SiriusXM NFL Radio host Gil Brandt was the chief talent scout for the Cowboys. According to SaintsWire, two years ago, Brandt told a story of how he tried to negotiate a trade with Bum Phillips, the Saints head coach, who also was in charge of the Saints' personnel decisions so that the Cowboys would be in a position to draft Taylor.

Fortunately for the Giants, the Saints, who had 17 draft picks that year, weren't interested in adding any more picks to their cache. Phillips turned down the offer, and with the first pick in the 1981 draft, he selected Rogers.

The Giants? They wasted no time in getting their draft card in with Taylor's name fast enough to then-Commissioner Pete Rozelle for the Hall of Famer.

That brings us to this week's quiz, which is focused on Lawrence Taylor, one of if not the greatest linebackers ever to play the game.

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