How the Giants O-line is Working Toward Becoming a Wall of Fortitude

Giants offensive line coach Marc Colombo is leaving no stone unturned in teaching his charges how to handle a variety of situations that last year left the group looking foolish at times.
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In 2019, the Giants quarterbacks had nine batted passes, according to Pro Football Focus.

Already this year, the quarterbacks have had at least four bat-downs in nearly two weeks of padded training camp practices, including at least two that have led to interceptions or near interceptions by the defense.

While that’s good news for the defensive line, as it means they’re getting their hands up into the passing lane, that’s not so good for the Giants offensive line, which has to make sure they control defenders from mucking up things for quarterback Daniel Jones.

That's where offensive line coach MarcColombo has been placing an emphasis. Colombo has honed in on getting his guys to win the battle in the pit so that bat-downs and other issues that in the past have stained the unit's performance are removed from their game moving forward.

“The rule of thumb is if they try to jump up for a ball, stick your hands in their chest and you have to thump them,” Colombo said during a video conference call Wednesday when asked how he's been teaching the linemen to neutralize defenders from deflecting balls. “You put that on film a couple of times it will keep them from jumping up there.”

Colombo, who has been putting his offensive linemen through various looks and scenarios, stressed that establishing a firmer anchor will also help the offensive linemen with holding their ground.

“I feel like we have to anchor sooner,” he said. “It’s really about anchoring, being a little firmer in the middle, that will help that so they can’t push the pocket and get their hands up that way.”

But perhaps one of the biggest focuses Colombo has been trying to teach his group of linemen is to do a better job of handling the defensive stunts and twists which all too often last year left the offensive line flummoxed.

“Just seeing multiple looks out there is important,” Colombo said. “Our defense does a great job with stunts, so learning how to set properly, learning how to train your eyes, learning how to get proper depth and see what you see.

So far, Colombo has liked how the offensive linemen have responded to the defensive line stunts.

“They've done a nice job with that, he said. “So it's our job as coaches to keep giving them those looks. The harder we can make it on them right now, the easier it's going to be when we start these games here a little bit.”