Logan Ryan Explains Why He's Not Just a Slot Cornerback

Logan Ryan is proving that he's much more than just a slot cornerback.
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Don’t call Logan Ryan a slot cornerback.

Oh sure, that is a position that the 29-year-old Ryan has played for the bulk of his career.

But Ryan, a savvy football player and vocal leader both on and off the field, always proved that wherever he went, he could be so much more than a slot cornerback.

“I just didn't think label is fair to modern football,” he said. “I don't think we label [Chargers receiver] Keenan Allen as a slot receiver. He's getting paid like a No. 1 receiver. I don't think we label [Saints receiver] Michael Thomas, who runs 90% of his routes out of the slot as a slot receiver.

“So I think that the future of football is having more versatile players out there. And I felt like my future was to go to the safety position because I'm able to match up with these versatile tight ends and these really good running backs out the backfield.

"I'm able to blitz which was something I worked on and I'm able to ultimately play against the quarterback.”

So far, Ryan has been the very picture of versatility for defensive coordinator Patrick Graham’s defense.

Whether it’s been against a running back, tight end, or receiver, Ryan has been among the Giants' most consistent performers. Having posted a 93.8 rating, which includes coming up with one interception and five passes defensed this year.

Ultimately, Ryan, who became a full-time safety when Julian Love's playing time was reduced, and defensive back Adrian Colbert hurt his shoulder, would like to be recognized as being one of the game’s better safeties, and has committed to put the work into reaching that goal.

“I honestly believe with my, with my work ethic, my toughness, and my willingness to be great. I think I could be the best safety in football, and I'm working on it. I do think I have a ways to go. I'm learning from the safeties here. I'm learning from safeties around the league.

“Two of my best friends are [Titans safety] Kevin Byard and [Patriots safety] Devin McCourty, who are all pros at the position. So I surround myself with guys who are good at it. I'm developing my style of how to do it, but I think that ultimately my work ethic and being fundamentally sound and my ability to get the ball is what can make me the best safety in football."