Talk Back! So what did you think after Week 6's Giants showing?

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Patricia Traina

Is this a Giants team on the rebuild? A team that can compete? What is the identity of this Giants team and do you like the direction it's headed? 

Tell us in the comments section below!

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From there, sound off in the comment section with your thoughts. 

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Comments (5)
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Patricia Traina
Patricia Traina


Yup, and he's been doing it at a far lower price than what they would have spent on Vernon.


Pat Shurmur is not the answer for this team. While he argues perceived bad calls and throws the red flag, he does not get in his players face during the game like Parcells used to. All I see is a guy with his play clip board staring out with no expression most of the time. Maybe he is analyzing or comatose? Reminds me of Norv Turner as a head coach. Let Shula call the plays and start coaching this damn team, the whole team.


I have been impressed with #44. Plays very aggressively. Kudos on the touchdown run (did he put Josh Gordon out for the game?). A little too aggressive on the pay back block after Jack Rabbit INT. Cost us a possible FG, although it would've been into the wind. Still, he gets after the QB!